Getting down with pagedown

Oct 17, 2019 at Twin Cities R Users Group (presentation)
R pagedown HTML

This is a presentation given to the Twin Cities R User Group on 17 Oct 2019 in Bloomington, MN. This presentation provides an introduction to using pagedown in R. pagedown creates and designs paged HTML documents from R using the R Markdown language. Think reading reports with data summaries embedded in them, all in an HTML format produced in R.

How to created paged HTML documents with pagedown

October 19, 2019
R pagedown HTML

Making animated GIFs in R: ten years of emerald ash borer spread in Minnesota

June 29, 2019
Data viz GIF animation R magick

Adding some music to boxplots, and better ways to visualize diameter distributions

March 22, 2019
R ggplot2 geom_violin() geom_boxplot()
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