R Statistical Software for Invasive Species Applications

Nov 6, 2020 at Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference (virtual workshop)
R invasive species Workshop

Invasive species professionals are increasingly using data in new and complex ways. This hands-on workshop will provide an introduction to R software and how it can be used to acquire, analyze, and visualize invasive species data. This workshop will encourage and empower professionals to better use data to make strategic decisions about invasive species. It will be especially valuable to graduate students who are at an early stage in their programs and professionals seeking to learn about the software and how it can be used in their work.

Learning objectives include (1) being able to discuss key concepts in data analysis with application to invasive species data and (2) being able to use R to import, analyze, and visualize invasive species data.

Participant experience level: This workshop does not assume any prior experience with R.

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