Climate 21: what it says about forest carbon

January 8, 2021
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Word cloud for the Climate 21 Project Transition Memo-Department of Agriculture.
Word cloud for the Climate 21 Project Transition Memo-Department of Agriculture.

There’s a transition coming to the White House, and forests and climate change will be a large part of it.

In late 2020, the Climate 21 Project drafted a series of transition memos highlighting recommendations and opportunities related to climate change and the federal government’s response. The Climate 21 Project includes the insights of over 150 experts with government expertise related to climate change.

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) memo recognizes the role that the forestry and agriculture sectors play in climate mitigation and adaptation. It describes investments in climate change that USDA can make. The memo also recognizes the importance of forestry and agricultural businesses that support rural economies.

Forest carbon, specifically the role it plays in climate change, is a large component of the memo. Here are several recommendations and opportunities listed in the Climate 21-USDA memo that highlight forest carbon:

There are a number of recommendations and opportunities listed that relate to forest carbon and the role that forests have in climate mitigation and adaptation. Read the Climate 21-USDA memo to learn more.

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