Placing harvested wood products in the forest carbon discussion

March 27, 2024, New England Society of American Foresters Annual WInter Meeting
harvested wood products timber harvesting forest products

Unlocking value: harvested wood products in forest carbon programs

Nov. 30, 2023 presentation at the Linkiwood 2023 Wood Tech Leadership Summit
harvested wood products forest carbon carbon markets

Harvested wood products and forest carbon

Oct 11, 2022 presentation at the Northeast Silviculture Institute for Foresters
carbon carbon accounting forest carbon forest products forest industry

Sampling design and statistical approaches in forestry

May 19, 2023, online workshop
analytics sampling forestsamplr data science statistics tidymodels

Quantifying harvested wood products and forest management in carbon analyses

Mar 15, 2023 presentation at the New England Society of American Foresters meeting
analytics harvested wood products carbon forest carbon forest products