Sampling design and statistical approaches in forestry

May 19, 2023, online workshop
analytics sampling forestsamplr data science statistics tidymodels

This workshop for Tag Ng showcased how sampling and statistics can be used in forestry applications. The two-hour virtual workshop discussed common sampling design used in forestry and statistical approaches with forest inventory data. Example coding sessions used the forestsamplr and tidymodels packages in R.

Quantifying the shade tolerance of climate-adapted tree species in the Northeast

May 26, 2023
analytics climate climate change tree species forestry tree planting

Lorey's height: the remote sensing way to estimate tree height

April 21, 2023
forest measurements sampling forestry tree height site index rFIA sitreeE

Bootstrapped resampling to model tree biomass

April 12, 2023
analytics tidymodels bootstrap forest measurements statistics