Arbor Custom Analytics website now runs on Quarto

The Arbor Custom Analytics website now runs on Quarto, an open source publishing system for sharing information.
Behind the curtain

June 1, 2024

I’ve recently moved the Arbor Custom Analytics website to Quarto, an open source publishing system. Quarto allows the ability to write in Markdown, which is a lot easier than writing in HTML and dealing with those point-and-click website templates. Quarto also allows for embedding text, figures, tables, and code snippets that run in the browser, which is great for sharing many of the examples that readers have found valuable.

The site also has a better search feature. With five years plus of posts I’ve made, it’s nice to have this feature that works efficiently. I also like the tags that more easily allow you to find content.

Most of the content has ported over, but a few older blog posts might be missing. If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it, feel free to reach out.

PS: I think anyone that does data analysis if forestry and natural resources should keep a website/blog to share what they’re up to. It’s easy to do, practically free, and a great way to be involved in the community. Check out Quarto and a lot of the examples online.

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