Most popular blog posts and podcasts in 2023

A rundown of the most popular content from this year.
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Matt Russell


December 22, 2023

The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect on your work. One of the things I value is providing content that the forest analytics community enjoys and learns from.

In addition to publishing a weekly-ish newsletter on LinkedIn with 2,000+ subscribers, I published 22 posts to the Arbor Custom Analytics blog in 2023 on topics relating to data and forests. Here are the most read posts from the Arbor Custom Analytics blog in 2023:

From January through June, I also published The Forest Analytics Landing podcast every other week. Here’s a Spotify Wrapped image showing the analytics in 2023 of the Forest Analytics Landing podcast:

Here are the most listened podcasts from the year:

Have an idea for a future topic you’d like to learn about? Send me an email with any suggestions!

Thanks to everyone for reading and listening this year. Have a blessed New Year!